Van Spall Associates design and manufacture packaged cooling systems for HVAC , process cooling and power generation projects. They can incorporate many components that would normally be installed as individual items in a plantroom thus saving space and allowing easy connection for the installer.

Typical components within the package could include.

  • Dry cooler or Adiabatic dry cooler
  • Closed loop circulating pump
  • Heat source, electric heater or plate heat exchanger
  • Flow setting valve
  • Bypass control valve
  • Internal pipe work and valving
  • Pressurisation set and expansion vessel
  • Fan speed control system
  • Electrical control panel
  • System processor

The complete package only requires final connections to electrical power and coolant circuit.

Our low noise, high efficiency PLANT PACKS are desined for long operating lift in outdoor applications with various system options available. Standard colour RAL9016 but other colours are available.