Adiabatic Dry Coolers

van Spall introduced the Adiabatic Dry Cooler to the UK air-conditioning market over twenty years ago Since then, our Adiabatic Dry Coolers have been installed on many additional applications where low  re-cooled water temperatures are required:

  • Diesel/gas engine intercoolers
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Absorption chillers
  • Engine Dynamometers
  • Robot welding machines
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal
  • Foundry cooling
  • Air compressor cooling
  • Sludge cooling
  • Data centres
  • Steam turbine condenser

Our Adiabatic Dry Coolers comply with all current HSE guidelines, are environmentally friendly, safe to use and maximise power and water savings. Standard features incorporated are:

  • Spray water is introduced to the incoming air stream and is nor directed over the heat exchanger coil
  • Minimal water usage
  • This is a once through system, no water is re-circulated and therefore no water treatment is required
  • All spray water is passed through an Ultra violet light disinfection system
  • On cessation of the spray cycle all water remaining in the spray pipe work system is automatically drained
  • An automatic purge timer is installed on the incoming water supply
  • Should the ultra-violet lamp fail, the spray system is shut down until the lamp is replaced
  • There is no water carryover through the fans

All models are now available with the new generation EC fan Motors

A wide range of additional equipment can also be provided,

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DVVD Adiabatic dry cooler
DVVD Adiabatic dry cooler
Adiabatic cooler for process cooling
Adiabatic cooler for process cooling
Robot welder cooling
Robot welder cooling
Sludge cooling adiabatic cooler
Sludge cooling adiabatic cooler

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