Dry Air Coolers

van Spall Associates Ltd offer a complete range of air blast dry coolers and air chillers for sealed water cooling systems and a 'one stop shop' solution for all your cooling needs.

Sealed systems provide contaminant free cooling for air-conditioning, factory cooling, power generation, compressor and process cooling applications.

Benefits of choosing van Spall air blast dry coolers:

  • Contaminant free cooling circuit
  • No water treatment required
  • Low noise levels
  • Low operating costs
  • No discharge 'pluming'
  • No chlorination required
  • Minimal maintenance

Materials of construction

Materials of construction are dependent on the type of application and location

Accessory options:

  • Inverter fan speed control
  • LON works compatible micro processor control
  • Internet web browser remote monitoring
  • Winterisation package (for coil protection if glycol is not used)
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Screening louvers
  • External 3 way valve control
  • Steel support frames

All models are now available with the new generation EC fan Motors

A wide range of additional equipment can also be provided,

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'Free cooling' application
'Free cooling' application
'V' coil dry cooler serving large water cooled A/C Chillers
'V' coil dry cooler serving large water cooled A/C Chillers
Dry coolers for air conditioning
Dry coolers for air conditioning

& Upgrades

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