Compressor cooling

van Spall Associates Ltd specialise in providing cost effective low energy air-cooled radiators to serve a wide variety of air and gas compressor applications. Custom designed and competitively priced our air cooled radiators radiators are:

  • Available with heat exchangers manufactured from copper tube with aluminium, copper, epoxy coated or magnesium aluminium fins. Stainless steel tube with aluminium or stainless fins is also available
  • Ruggedly constructed from galvanised steel with three-stage epoxy weatherproof paint on the exterior as standard
  • Available with single or multi-coil, in vertical or horizontal configurations available
  • Complete with factory fitted header tanks and level switches
  • Available as custom designed stand alone plant packages, including pumps, piping and control panels


Horizontal unit with expansion tank
Horizontal unit with expansion tank
Radiator plant pack for natural gas compressor
Radiator plant pack for natural gas compressor

& Upgrades

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