Waste to energy project completed

July 2009

One of our waste to energy customers, Bioflame Ltd, has just announced that it has successfully commissioned its first major power generation plant at Caythorpe Lincolnshire and and is now exporting power to the national grid. This innovative 2.5Mw power plant uses biomass (in this case recycled waste wood) to generate steam and drive a Siemens turbine generator.

A water cooled steam condenser is served by six van Spall Associates adiabatic dry coolers each with a heat rejection capability of 1618 kW. These coolers run in ‘dry’ mode for most of the year except for periods of high ambient temperature when the ‘adiabatic’ system is automatically brought into operation ,this ensures the condenser water circuit temperature does not exceed 30 deg C, keeping the turbine operating at maximum efficiency.

van Spall Associates worked closely with Bioflame during the design process enabling them to standardise their cooling package for this and future projects.

The adiabatic coolers are fully automated and are provided with van Spall’s monitoring and control system which is, in turn, integrated with the power station control and can be remotely accessed via the internet.

Construction is under way on a second power station in Doncaster with forecasted commissioning in October this year. Bioflame’s unique WID compliant system is receiving planning permissions for new projects  across the country, with eleven further plants having received approval to date.

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